About Me

Hi there!

I’m Allysha, but you probably already know that considering you did click on this page.

I’m trying to live a life full of adventure, love Jesus a little more each day, and share both of those things with everyone though this site.

I’m Indiana University alumna, class of 2016, where I was a founding member of the Delta Delta chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon. I married an awesome guy, Hunter, in March of 2017, and right now I’m trying to make every day a day I’m glad to have lived. I’ve returned to school to pursue my graduate degree and I hope to someday slow down enough to have babies as wonderful as my husband.

I currently spend most of my free time writing here, serving in church, and taking pictures of the random things I find myself doing. I adore fresh flowers, I am obsessed with little goats, and I cry whenever I see something cute on the internet. I sing first soprano, I love to craft with paints and papers, and I’m spending more and more time trying new things.

I’ve got a sister who blogs over at . She’s still in college and it’s been such a blessing to watch her find her voice. My husband occasionally blogs but you’re much more likely to hear from him anywhere on the internet at @hunterrayne. He’s the tour manager for Building 429, so he spends most of his time out on the road. When he’s home though, we spend most of our time together making food and watching videos or movies!

I feel so blessed to be able to share my life with you here, and even more blessed when you feel inclined to share yourself with me. You can reach me from any of the many social media outlets I spend my time on, or you can always reach me from the “contact me” page in the header! Thanks for being a part of this crazy life, I means so much more to me than I can ever express.

With Love,


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